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Dealing with a lonely dog

November 24th, 2009 No comments

puppy dog eyesHumans and dogs are social creatures. Both are types of pack animals. Dogs are extremely social creatures with a genuine need to socialize and interact. Because humans have domesticated dogs to what the are now, socialization with other dogs is not sufficient..YOU ARE THE CENTER OF YOUR DOG’S WORLD. She wants and need to spend time with you. Unfortunately, few people can be with their dog 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Life can be busy, some days more so than others. Its often hard to find genuine pleasure preforming basic care-taking of our four-legged friends. The more time becomes shortened, the more responsibility seems like a burden. Added responsibilities and increased demands on our time even start to take away from the joy and quality of what time we do get to spend with our dogs. When things are weighing heavy on your mind, simple everyday joys change from pleasure to headache. A short walk through the park can become another chore, rather than a chance to unwind and spend some time together having fun. Regardless if you like it or not, our lifestyle choices (to a degree) affect our dogs as well as ourselves. A sensitive dog can be so impacted by their owners mindset that they actually become depressed and anxious themselves. More well-adjusted dogs still suffer through isolation also. When time is short and stress is high, it becomes all too easy to overlook something like a walk down the street or a game of fetch. Sadly, we can’t always make as much time for our dogs as we would like to. It doesn’t need a huge amount of energy, or more hours in the day, to spend more time with our dogs. Read on for ways to include our dogs in our lives without spending minutes and hours that we don’t have.

Try bringing her with you.

If you have errands to run, like getting the mail or going to the store for bread, your dog would love to come along for the ride. Read more…